14 Hip-Hop Artists Named After Comic Book Characters

Comic books aren't just for nerds.

Everyone loves comic books, not just the nerds. The myth that only pimply-faced, four-eyed, brainiacs are the only ones who love superheroes was debunked a long-time ago. Still, there are some comic books aficionados out there that may surprise you -- especially in the hip-hop community.

Here are 14 hip-hop artists who named themselves after our favorite guys (and gals) in tights.

1. Ghostface Killah a.k.a Tony Starks

Not only did Ghostface Killah name his 1996 solo debut Ironman, he often uses the alias Tony Starks and even had a brief cameo in the 2008 blockbuster film.

2. Method Man a.k.a Johnny Blaze

Ghost isn't the Wu-Tang Clan's only comic book junkie. Method Man once recorded a song called "The Riddler" and has been using Johnny Blaze as an a.k.a. since the mid-1990s -- a nod to Marvel's Ghost Rider.

3. Big Pun

The late-Big Pun was known for tongue-twisting rhymes and his admiration for the gun-toting Punisher.

4. Ja Rule a.k.a Loki

Technically, Loki existed in Nordic mythology way before he became a thorn in the Avengers' side, but either way, this was a bad alias for Ja Rule. Thank the Gods it was short-lived.

5. Grandmaster Flash

We don't know for sure that the iconic Grandmaster Flash named himself after the DC Comics speedster, but let's just say he did.

6. DJ Clark Kent

DJ Clark Kent is something like hip-hop's Superman, producing for rap greats like the Notorious B.I.G, Jay Z, 50 Cent and Rakim.

7. MF Doom

Daniel Dumile used to rap under the moniker Zev Love X when he was in the group KMD, but he really started killing the game when he threw on a Doctor Doom-style mask and became MF Doom.

8. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League

Rook, Colione and Barto have been fighting off wack producers for years, providing beats for Rick Ross, Jeezy, Nas and Drake. No wonder they snatched their name from one of the greatest superhero teams ever assembled.

9. Bruce Waynne

Midi Mafia has produced some big hits for 50 Cent and Frank Ocean, though they are widely unknown. It's fitting that one-half of the duo would take Batman's civilian self -- plus, the name Batman was already taking by Marques Houston during his Immature days.

10. David Banner

Lavell William Crump chose a very specific name when he decided to come up with his rap moniker. Inspired by the Incredible Hulk, he elected to go by David Banner, the television version of Hulk's alter ego and not Bruce Banner, the comic book version.

11. DJ Green Lantern

Hip-hop's self-proclaimed evil genius is one of the game's most inventive DJs and producers. He once blended a scene from Will Smith's 2001 film "Ali" with Jadakiss' vocals from "Time's Up" and made the unforgettable mixtape gem "The Champ is Here" -- and he didn't need a green ring to do it.

12. Jean Grae

Tsidi Ibrahim started her rap career as What? What? in the rap group Natural Resource, but really became super-powerful when she went solo and used a name derived from the X-Men's Jean Gray.

13. The X-Ecutioners

Rob Swift, Total Eclipse, Mista Sinista and the late Roc Raida made up one of hip-hop's most-skilled DJ collectives known as the X-Men, but after Marvel Comics threatened legal action, they changed their name to The X-Ecutioners. Luckily, Mista Sinista didn't have to change his name, maybe because he spelled it differently from the famed X-villain Mister Sinister.

14. Mr. Peter Parker

We're not sure if this DMV-area DJ can spin a web, but he's made a hell of a name spinning the hottest hip-hop joints on WPCG 95.5.