Travi$ Scott Shed Tears When He Met Kid Cudi

'I felt like my life was complete,' Scott says of meeting Cudder.

There are Kid Cudi fans, and then there are Kid Cudi fans.

I'd personally place myself somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, because after hearing what Travi$ Scott had to say about the Cleveland rapper, I realized that he's clearly got me beaten when it comes to fandom.

During an interview with MTV News, Travi$ Scott revealed that he absolutely could not release his debut album Rodeo, without a feature from Cudder.

And, as a matter of fact, when he met Mr. Rager, he couldn't control his emotions.

"I feel like he’s part of my story," Scott told MTV News. "So it’s only right that we do a song together, just to get that off. It’s part of my story, part of my life. There would be no Travi$ Scott if it wasn’t for him."

They had the chance to meet while the 22-year-old was recording his upcoming album, and it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences of his life.

"He came and surprised me at the studio one day when I was working with A-Trak and took me on this drive in his car, played me new music," he explained. "It was one of those moments -- I was like crying in the backseat. He took me around Melrose. It was one of the craziest sh-ts ever."

If tears were shed, that means a collaboration has to be coming right?

"I’m pretty sure we can get it in," he responded. "I’m on this tour right now but when I get off, I’m on it. I'm tryna figure it out. He talked to me about everything. I felt like my life was complete."

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