'Star Trek' Clips Introduce Us To The New Kirk, Spock And More

Kirk likes to hit the bottle, McCoy has a fear of flying and Spock demands answers.

We're almost at the final frontier -- just more than one week to go until [article id="1609732"]J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" reboot[/article] hits theaters. There will be an entirely new cast for this origin story of how young James T. Kirk assumes command of the USS Enterprise.

What do we know so far about this fresh crew of Federation fighters and alien baddies? To help you get up to speed before the May 8 premiere, MTV News gathered an appetite-whetting collection of "Star Trek" clips, in which we get extended looks at Kirk, Spock, the villain Nero and others. Here's what we learned:

James T. Kirk (Chris Pine)

He likes to hit the bottle. He likes to flirt with the ladies. He likes to fight. Sounds like a pretty solid take on Kirk so far. For all his youthful swagger, though, Kirk's no meathead. He's a brainy guy familiar with academic study and possessing a deep understanding of the peacekeeping and humanitarian agenda of the Federation. Why is he so resistant to join the galaxy-protecting armada? Daddy issues! His father was the captain of a starship for just 12 minutes, yet somehow managed to save 800 lives -- including Kirk's and his mother's -- before being killed. Talk about a lot to live up to! Eventually, Kirk settles down and we see him pumped up to start fighting some nasty Romulans and beginning to fulfill the prediction his father's friend, Captain Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood): "You're gonna do better."

Nero (Eric Bana)

Nero is a man of few words who doesn't like anyone asking too many questions. Get on his bad side, and he's likely to attack you with a crazy, multi-bladed spear. We know that he has no problem attacking a Federation vessel, and it appears he comes from the future. "Star Trek" is said to contain a time-travel plotline, and when Nero presents a hologram of an older Spock (Leonard Nimoy in a head-only cameo) and is unsure of the present year, it seems clear that the Romulan villains had leaped back through time.

Uhura (Zoe Saldana)

Hanging at the Shipyard Bar isn't just for guys and funky-looking aliens. Uhura can booze it up with the best of 'em, ordering a half-dozen drinks at once, including three Budweiser Classics and a shot of Jack Daniel's. She's beautiful, and she knows it, and has no interest in dealing with anyone's flirtatious advances -- too busy living life as a Federation cadet and studying alien linguistics. But when she finds out that Kirk isn't your average boozy dumb-dumb, she gets a sparkle in her eye.

Spock (Zachary Quinto)

The half-human, half-Vulcan genius might be younger in this new "Star Trek," but he's no less commanding. Spock has no time to deal with Kirk's sarcasm and gives off a vaguely hall-monitor vibe as he threatens court marshal to get the information he needs. His demand to future Enterprise engineer Scotty (Simon Pegg) -- "You will answer me!" -- makes certain that you do not want to mess with Mr. Pointy Ears.

Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy (Karl Urban)

A nervous-Nellie doctor with an aggressive streak. A super-smart pessimist with a fear of flying. How will McCoy fit in -- how will he survive? -- on the Enterprise flight deck? We hope he gets comfortable in outer space quick and stops spouting scary, if very witty, one-liners like, "Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence." Good times!

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