Drake Asked Fetty Wap A Very Polite Question Before Remixing His 'My Way'

Drizzy sounds like a nice guy.

The beauty of the Internet: It can help people connect who otherwise might have had a tough time getting in touch. And sometimes, when those people connect, we get a major remix out of it.

And that's basically what happened between Fetty Wap and Drake, for the remix to Fetty's "My Way."

"He sent me a DM, and I sent him my number," the New Jersey native told The Fader on Wednesday of how he and Drake first linked up. "When I landed from Tampa a couple of days ago, and as soon as I landed and turned my phone off of airplane mode, he was FaceTiming from DC where he was playing 'My Way' at a club. He was like, 'Yo, I want to cut the record tonight.' Next thing I know, I checked my email and it was there."

Before long, the track made its way from Fetty's email to our ears, when the official remix dropped on Wednesday, after a few days of previews and leaks.

Though they weren't together when to create the remix, it sounds like there's a mutual respect between the two sing-rap-happy artists. And Aubrey was very polite when approaching Fetty about the remix.

"The thing I respect about Drake the most is that he's not one of them artists that take his status and just do what he want with it," he said. "He has the status to just do anybody's track, if he really wants to. I'm just a nobody compared to Drake, and he still actually asked me, 'Is it cool if I do a remix?' And even the way he said it -- more like, 'Can I bless it?' He was thanking me for putting him on the remix, and I'm trying to tell him like, 'No, thank you. You don't understand what you're doing for me.' He's definitely a very, very, very, very humble person."

"[I hope] that when we do meet, it's going to be a lot more music in the making," he said.

That makes two of us.

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