Miley Cyrus' Surprise VMA Performance -- What Did You Just Watch?

Wayne Coyne makes an appearance to give Miley a confetti wiener.

No, this is not a dream.

Miley Cyrus has unleashed her new song, "Dooo It!," to the world in a surprise performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (Aug. 30) -- and she got a little help from her Dead Petz. As with everything from the mind of Miley, it wasn't like anything you've seen before.

"Dooo It!" is a metal, beats-driven banger about messing with the status quo. She 'fesses up to smoking and not giving a f--k -- confirming what we kind of already knew -- and brought out an eccentric army of 30 dancers of all shapes and genders.

"Yeah, I smoke pot/ yeah, I love peace/ but I don't give a f--k/ I ain't no hippie," she sang.

Behind her team of neon-hued lovelies was a giant close-up of Miley's mouth as she spat glitter and rubbed icing and sprinkles over her face (clearly inspired by her homemade facials and obsession with everything rainbow). Her squad basked in the spotlight, hair billowing out behind them as one of them vogued in heels. (Ouch?)

The costumes were outrageous, looking more like a trippy dream than an awards-show performance -- big cartoon eyes, hot-pink lips, jagged teeth, pasties. Each member of the movement was as out-there as Miley, who, dressed in a half-bodysuit-half-leotard, looked like she was going to a disco from a Tim Burton movie.

Flaming Lips frontman and Miley BFF Wayne Coyne came through at the end to hand her a confetti wiener, which she effectively manhandled until it spouted more sprinkles.

And yes, if your jaw is on the floor, you're not alone.

But her insane performance wasn't the only thing Miley dropped tonight. She also released a brand new album, which you can download for free right here.

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