Sir Post Malone Brings Jon Snow Swagger To Chivalrous 'Circles' Video

He braves apparitions, zombies, and entire armies to save a damsel in distress

Sir Post of the Malones has released a valiant new video for his recently released single, "Circles." In the song, he's ready to end a relationship with a partner. In the accompanying video... not so much. Armed with a sword and a mission to save a damsel in distress, the wild and unpredictable nature of the visual will have you saying the name of his 2018 single "Wow" frequently.

When "Circles" starts, Post Malone emerges from a massive battle like Jon Snow, seemingly unable to die while everyone else around him is riddled with arrows and sword gashes. In his massive shining armor, Sir Posty is a marvelous soldier of the crown and his mission to save his red-haired beauty becomes immediately apparent as we see her in distress, hiding in a tower.

Sir Post traverses the landscape with a noble steed by himself. If anyone saves her, it has to be him. He sees apparitions of her where he goes and, in a weird twist of fate, gets buried after being burned alive in a funeral pyre while zombies stand behind him. Yeah, it's a wild visual. It ends with him slaying a cavalcade of guardians of the damsel's tour, saving her and riding off into the night with burning trees behind them in their wake. It's as badass as it sounds.

"Circles" is set to appear on Post Malone's forthcoming album Hollywood's Bleeding that comes out on September 6. The LP will also feature his previously released singles, "Goodbyes," which features Young Thug, and "Wow."