Janoskians' James Yammouni Has The Perfect Megamix To Send Off 2014

BOOM. CLAP. You got a big booty.

Have you been searching for the perfect soundtrack to kiss off the last 365 days of 2014? Good, because we found it for you!

Janoskians' mixmaster James Yammouni has been slaving away for days to deliver the most on-point pop "Megamix" of this past year's top tracks, featuring hitmakers 5SOS, Iggy Azalea, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and more.

Not only did the DJ mix together the best of the best songs, but he even cut together a montage of the accompanying music videos for every single track. The results? See for yourself:

"HAPPY NEW YEAR! I truly love you all so freakin' much!!!! Thanks for making this year so perfect," Yammouni tweeted as the clock struck midnight in Australia (nearly a whole day before the US will kick off its traditional ball drop in Times Square).

Earlier in the week Yammouni teased a full track list of artists featured in eight-minute clip, calling on fans to submit their #1 picks for his mix.

Can you name all of the tracks featured in James' "2014 NYE Megamix"? Did he miss a beat forgoing any must-have singles?

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