Kanye's Clothes Are Basic And Dumb, According To 'Project Runway's' Tim Gunn

He also says the Kardashians have an "aura of yuck."

Kanye West is a fashion icon, but that doesn’t mean everybody loves Yeezy’s style. "Project Runway’s" Tim Gunn, for example, is not a fan.

“I think they’re a bunch of dumb clothes,” Gunn told Huffington Post, of Yeezy's most recent collection. “Just basic pieces. He won’t [like that comment], but let me tell you, the whole Kardashian clan doesn’t like me, so there's no surprise there.”

Think that was bad? Tim didn't stop there.

"If you want guidance for your fashion, just consider this," he said. "If a Kardashian's wearing it, don't. I think it's vulgar. Given the amount of public exposure that the Kardashians have, to potentially be sending a message to people that you, too, can dress like this? No."

What about the Jenners?

"I'm assuming there's a huge, perhaps million dollar a month publicity wagon that is pulling these girls along and creating these lives for them," he said. "I'm distrustful of it and I find it all distasteful."

As if that wasn't enough, TG also said Kendall "is tainted by the Kardashian aura of yuck."

These are the reactions I imagine Kanye will have if he ever sees these Tim Gunn comments:

The Quick Smile To Frown


kanye smile frown gif

The Unnerving "P.O.Y.G." Scream

Epic Records


The Baffled "But I'm The Best" Look



The Classic Kanye Shrug

kanye shrug

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