'Shadowhunters' Has Found Its Ridiculously Attractive Luke And Alec

How many episodes do we have to wait for Luke to get shirtless?

It's official: "Shadowhunters" is going to be the hottest show on TV.

ABC Family announced today its latest round of casting for the highly anticipated series, and you might want to sit down for this one. Oh, and grab a fan.

Matthew Daddario has been cast as fierce Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood and -- wait for it -- Isaiah Mustafa is joining the cast as Jocelyn Fray's best friend Luke Garroway.

Fans of Cassandra Clare's "Mortal Instrument" series know Alec Lightwood, Isabelle's older brother, as the most serious Shadowhunter. As the eldest of the group, he has a strict moral code, which makes it hard for him to express his feelings. He's tortured by his romantic love for Jace, who is his adoptive brother.

Oh, and this what we call per-fect casting:

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Matthew Daddario

As for Mustafa's character, Luke Garroway is an NYPD detective investigating a string of "demonic" murders. This is a change from the books, but it's one we're embracing because it sounds like Luke will have a more expanded role in the series.

Being Jocelyn Fray's best friend, Luke feels a fatherly instinct to protect Jocelyn's daughter Clary, the plucky protagonist at the center of "Shadowhunters." He also harbors feelings for Jocelyn, but that's for another story. Once a strong and powerful Shadowhunter, he has since become the thing he once hated most -- a werewolf pack leader.

Look at this brilliant casting! LOOK:

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Isaiah Mustafa

Daddario and Mustafa join the previously cast Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray), Dominic Sherwood (Clary’s super hot, arrogant love interest Jace), Alberto Rosende (Clary’s BFF Simon) and Emeraude Toubia (Isabelle).

So far, we only have this to say:

Beautiful Gif