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Britney Spears Promises To Shut Up About Her Personal Life

Singer says from now on she'll address all such issues in her music.

For a girl who's supposed to be on a break, Britney Spears has been speaking out a lot lately -- from posting on her Web site to leaking new music to conducting cover-story magazine interviews.

But no more. After the latest of these cover stories, for Allure's April issue, Spears says she's shutting up -- at least about her personal life.

[article id="1497892"](See photos of Britney Spears in April's Allure.)[/article]

"I feel the article focused too much on my personal life and various events from my past," Spears wrote on her Web site Thursday. "I've already dealt with these issues with the support of my family and friends and have fully moved on."

Spears has given far more personal material to other magazines in the past -- from posing bottomless for Esquire and topless for Rolling Stone (and again for Allure) to sharing her wedding, photos and all, with People, and talking about the state of her marriage for Federline's cover story in Details.

So what sort of personal issues did Allure delve into that rubbed Britney the wrong way? For starters, the magazine dared to mention her breakup with Justin Timberlake, her first marriage to Jason Alexander (later annulled), and the admittedly rocky start of her second marriage to Kevin Federline.

Of that first marriage, Spears told the magazine her behavior was a "desperate cry to her family," even though "I didn't think it was real." Perhaps what Spears really took issue with is the magazine calling her trip down the Vegas aisle (and her assessment of it) "implausibly naive," surmising that the singer is "hardly more grown-up than many preteens" (see [article id="1484029"]"Britney Spears Married In Las Vegas, At Least For A Little While"[/article]).

Spears also told the magazine she was grateful that paparazzi shots revealed she had gotten heavier, because "it made me see that I needed to lose weight," and she attributed the extra pounds to "just lounging around and eating and lying out" during the early days of her marriage to Federline, pointing to her stomach and calling it the "honeymoon aftereffect." She told the magazine she's not pregnant and that having a baby soon is "not something I'm striving for."

"In the future, I will refrain from discussing my private life in interviews," Spears wrote on her site. "It will be expressed solely through art."

Representatives for both Spears and Allure couldn't be reached for comment.