'Argo' Style Is Downright Timeless

Nothing is more elusive than the CIA. Seriously, even their clothes are sometimes elusive. Thankfully, there's "Argo," which offers us a glimpse of what happens behind the closed doors of the top-secret agency... or, at least, what happened 40 years ago.

Ben Affleck, who stars, directs and produces the film, has been assigned the risky task of extracting six Americans from the Canadian ambassador's home in Iran in the midst of a revolution in 1979. What does he do? Pretend he's shooting a cheesy sci-fi flick, of course! In other words, in addition to a killer political thriller based on a true story, we get a heavy dose of late '70s fashion. Still, we had no problem finding inspiration for men and women alike from the suits, ties and timepieces sported in this hotly-anticipated film.

Check out the latest Get the Goods for similar and updated looks from the movie. Time is of the essence.

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