Gigi Hadid Clapped Back At Someone Who Criticized Her Runway Walk


Gigi Hadid has accomplished a lot as a model. I mean, a lot. From walking in shows from Chanel to Victoria's Secret to snagging campaigns like Maybelline, she's done more than people twice her age. Despite her presence as a runway mainstay, Gigi has often been criticized for her walk, which some think isn't on par with that of a top model. But last night she made it clear that she won't tolerate any negativity, and she has no problem calling it out.

After posting a picture of boyfriend Zayn (he used to be in One Direction, maybe you know him), someone responded that she should "practise [sic] how to walk properly instead of having a new bf every 2 weeks."

Gigi quickly clapped back with her own tweet saying, "I've dated 3 guys in 3 yrs, hun. My walk can always get better; I hope the unrelated bitterness in ur heart can too."

Note to the naysayers: It might be in your best interest to keep any negative thoughts on Gigi to yourself because she'll have no problem shutting you down.

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