Mike Myers Calls 'Wayne's World' Movie Awards Skit 'A Dream Come True,' But Quashes New-Movie Rumors

Actor turns to upcoming roles as Pitka, Shrek and the legendary Keith Moon instead.

After 15 years in seclusion, funnyman Mike Myers reprised his role as Wayne Campbell (excellent!), alongside Dana Carvey's Garth Algar, and brought "Wayne's World" back to life at the [article id="1588463"]MTV Movie Awards[/article].

"It was a dream come true!" Myers said. "When I first met Dana Carvey, I thought I was related to him. We have this ability that when we see each other, the rest of the world kind of zones out. ... [He's] a great comedian, and I was overcome with emotion."

But don't get too excited. Unfortunately, this Wayne and Garth reunion did not spark the possibility of a "Wayne's World 3." Even though Myers "loved doing these characters," the sketch was done mostly so that he and Carvey -- who Myers says is "just as funny in life as he is onstage" -- could get "caught up" in them again.

Instead, audiences will meet a new Myers creation next week in [article id="1585104"]"The Love Guru,"[/article] which co-stars Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake. In the movie -- which he also co-wrote and produced -- he plays Pitka, a guru who seeks enlightenment, success in helping others find peace, and his own television coverage.

Alba, cast as the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs (Myers' favorite hockey team), seeks the guru's help when her star player loses his wife to a rival goalie (played by Timberlake). She wants to win the Stanley Cup, while Pitka wants to win her. "The Love Guru" will spread his wisdom when the movie hits theaters June 20.

Next on the agenda for the multifaceted actor is bringing back the voice of the giant green ogre Shrek, as he prepares for the next installment in the "Shrek" series. Myers remained tight-lipped about "Shrek 4," claiming he doesn't know "where the script is" yet, but said that DreamWorks "[creates] wonderful worlds."

He also plans to return to drama (a move he hasn't made since playing Steve Rubell in 1998's "54") in "See Me Feel Me: Keith Moon Naked for Your Pleasure," the long-awaited biopic about late Who drummer Keith Moon.

"I always loved Keith Moon, and I love the music of the Who," Myers said. "Keith Moon redefined drumming. And he's a composer ... he didn't just keep time, although that's no small thing. He kept time and he interacted with [Who frontman] Roger Daltrey. ... His life is just so colorful and fascinating."

For Myers, tackling the wild child of one of rock's most important bands might be the most significant challenge of his career. "His name is Moon, and a moon is a non-self-luminous object," Myers said. "It requires sunlight of others in order to be seen. If there's no sun, the moon is invisible. And the script so far is about how important it is to ... be your own star and not be a moon, ironically. It becomes a cautionary tale of drugs. I mean, they are not the answer, and in this movie you see how not the answer they are."

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