8 'Pretty Little Liars' Characters Who Up And Fell Off The Face Of The Earth

Yo, where'd you guys go?

The midseason premiere of "Pretty Little Liars" aired on Freeform — aka the former ABC Family — last night (Jan. 12) and made us realize why we fell in love with the long-running show in the first place. Despite all the love triangles, secrets and angsty drama, "PLL" is a murder mystery story at its core.

For six (endless) years, fans wondered who the mystifying A was. Once that was answered, now fans are dying to know who killed A and tossed her corpse out the window. But, that's not the only mystery needing to be solved. What about all the characters who had important roles in earlier seasons, and were under some serious speculation for being A, but then just up and fell off the face of Rosewood without so much as a "Smell ya later" goodbye.

Watching the first episode in Season 6B, I was hoping some of these characters would make a return or at least be mentioned by the Liars on the show, just so I'd know what the hell happened to them. If they were important enough to warrant appearances in several episodes/plot lines, then maybe make their exits a little less abrupt. Just because one of the Liars breaks up with them doesn't instantly negate the fact they could be in cahoots with the new murder mystery. If I've learned one thing on this show, it's don't murder your past always comes back to haunt you.

Lucas Gottesman


Pretty Little Liars - Lucas

Sweet and adorkable Lucas (Brendan Robinson) pined after Hanna (Ashley Benson) until he was blackmailed into helping the A-Team. He was homeschooled at one point because Rosewood High was the antonym for "safety." He eventually returned to public school, and we last saw him in the Christmas episode dressed as Santa Claus. And then... that was it. Not much word since.

Lucas was a pretty important during the show's first three seasons, but then he was completely absent from the fourth season. He made a few appearances during the fifth season, but it always felt like they were just randomly plopping him into the story. What in Heaven's name has he been up to when he was not caught up with the A drama? According to Robinson's IMDb page, he's slated to appear in two Season 6 episodes, so maybe our questions will be answered then.

Alex Santiago


Pretty Little Liars - Alex

Spencer's bae in Season 1, Alex ("Scream Queens" star Diego Boneta) worked at the country club the Hastings attended. After someone sent in an application in his name to go to a tennis clinic in Sweden, Alex thought it was Spencer's not-so-subtle way of wanting him out of her life. Yeah, not quite, bro. He ditched Spencer at Hanna's homecoming party, and walked out of her life (and the audience's) forever.

Did he actually go to Sweden? What was the point of bringing him on and then just kicking him out like that? True, I'm thankful Spoby happened, but I'd still like to know where exactly Alex is at right now in life, thanks.

Sean Ackard


Pretty Little Liars - Sean

Hanna's fling from Season 1, pretty boy Sean (Chuck Hittinger) refused to sleep with Hanna which really pissed her off. He told her he was a member of the Virginity Club RLW, "Real Love Waits" because of his religious beliefs. They eventually broke up thanks to A being a complete asshole, and we later learned Sean went to boarding school.

OK, this one makes more sense than the most of the characters on this list, but since no one — no one — ever seems to fully escape from Rosewood, will we ever see Sean again? He did have those issues with Lucas back in the day. And, where did he go to boarding school, exactly? The details weren't revealed.

Eddie Lamb


Pretty Little Liars - Eddie Lamb

A nurse at Radley, Eddie's (Reggie Austin) name was used by Toby as an alias during the "Toby's part of the A-Team" days on "PLL." Eddie was Spencer's caretaker when she was a patient at Radley and was questioned by the Liar several times about things that happened at Radley.

We last saw Eddie speaking to Aria about her volunteer work at Radley, then calling Ezra (Ian Harding) after she drove off. In one Season 5 episode, a nurse told Aria Eddie didn't work at Radley anymore. OK... so where did he go? He was a driving force for the Liars, in response to info about Bethany Young and Toby's mom, but then he was gone. It's speculated he's dead, but it's only speculation. NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE.

Travis Hobbs


Pretty Little Liars - Travis

A short-term boyfriend of Hanna's, Travis (Luke Kleintank) saw who killed Wilden, helping get Hanna's mom out of jail. Later, he got his heart broken by Hanna when she started distancing herself from him as Caleb returned to her life. He broke up with her and that was that. Is he still living in Rosewood? If so, surely Hanna's bumped into him before she left for New York. Rosewood seems like one of those places where you can't go anywhere without seeing someone you know.

Either way, we don't hear from Travis again, and he falls into the pile of characters who seemingly disappeared from the show (but not our hearts). What's with this pattern of continuously bringing in key players and then having them quit when the game's only just begun?

Jonny Raymond


Pretty Little Liars - Jonny

Johnny (Will Bradley) was the Season 5 dude who rented out the Hastings' guest house. Suddenly, he's popping up more frequently to help set up The Brew and raid the Hastings' garbage for this art projects. He also vandalized Hollis College and eventually got arrested, but whatevs. After Spencer's mom kicked Jonny out on the street, we never saw him again — even though he and Spencer were bonding and getting a little closer. *Wink wink*

He told Spencer he'd live in his car for awhile, but did he stay in Rosewood? We never hear about him or his art projects again. Womp womp.

Noel Kahn


Pretty Little Liars - Noel

Bad boy Noel (Brant Daugherty) was a former love of Aria's (Lucy Hale) and thrower of wild parties that usually didn't end well. His smarmy attitude was nauseating, but it really made you question if he was working with A or not. Basically, Noel was shady AF and didn't give the audience any reason to trust him. But after Season 3, Noel kind of disappeared. He was in one Season 4 episode and two Season 5 ones, but that was it.

When we last saw him, he was arguing with Spencer (Troian Bellisario) at the Hastings lake house and getting sliced with a fire poker. He was helping out Alison (Sasha Pieterse) and getting insurance so she doesn't screw him over, but then POOF. He was gone. Come back, Noel. Where did you go?

Holden Strauss


Pretty Little Liars - Holden

Aria's childhood friend Holden (Shane Coffey) returned to her life and they pretended to go on dates with each other so they could see other people without their parents knowing. Aria learned Holden had a heart condition, but he still did martial arts because #yolo. Our final time seeing Holden was when he tried to calm Emily (Shay Mitchell) down and she noticed he had a hand stamp like the one from her flashback. As Emily gave Holden the shifty eyes, that was the last time we saw him. Again, where TF did he go?! Why does this keep happening?

For all we know, he could have ended up dying from a martial arts fight because of his heart issue, but unless he's mentioned in Season 6, I guess we'll never know.

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