Kacey Musgraves's 'Glittery' Is The Perfect Christmas Proposal Anthem

It's going to be an expensive holiday season

Temperature are a fallin', snowstorms are a callin', and the holiday season looms around the corner, bringing decorative lights, cups of egg nog, and memories around a cozy chimney fire. This year's holiday song that will, undoubtedly, be the soundtrack to warm memories for years to come, is Kacey Musgraves's new song, "Glittery." Her debut of the song came last night (November 20) on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon when she gave a magical performance that was only missing Santa Calus on the sideline, singing along.

Kacey was the musical guest last night and took the audience into a winter wonderland full of Christmas presents and decorative holiday sheen. The mood was set with a soothing guitar, a piano, a set of bongos, and a set of sleigh bells. Her voice floats down the chimney as she sings about the warm, festive feeling she gets from every kiss that she gets from a partner whom she's deeply in love with. "You shake me up and turn me upside down just like a snow globe/ And every time you touch me I shiver right down to my toes," she carols, a soft smile setting into her face. Imagine opening gifts with this playing in the background, unwrapping a giant box that contains a much smaller one inside with a ring in it. Kacey captures the feeling of complete and utter love perfectly in the span of two minutes.

Kacey is rearing to release a new series, The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show, on Amazon Prime Video on November 29. It will feature appearances from Camila Cabello, Lana Del Rey, Troye Sivan, and more.

Take a look at Kacey's 'Glittery' debut up above.

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