Exclusive: Rob Schneider's Cameo in 'Bedtime Stories' Revealed

When Adam Sandler makes a comedy, you can make money betting on two inevitabilities: One, it’ll be funny and two, Rob Schneider will show up at some point as a grossly exaggerated ethnic stereotype.

That trend will continue in Sandler's newest film, "Bedtime Stories," Schneider revealed, telling MTV News that he will appear in the flick as a "Native American."

Directed by "Hairspray" helmer Adam Shankman, "Bedtime Stories" follows a man whose life changes when the lavish tales he tells his niece and nephew begin to come true. Schneider, no doubt, will be a character in one of those stories, although the actual size of his role (supporting or simply cameo) is still unknown.

But it's not the size of the role that interests Schneider anyway, he said, but the chance to emulate one of his comedy idols that keeps drawing him back to the funny accent drawing board.

"If Peter Sellers can do it, why can't I?" he asked, somewhat rhetorically of the legendary "Pink Panther" comic. "And [if anyone has a problem with it] tell them that they can send their hate mail to you!"

Done. Consider this an open letter. Leave your thoughts on Schneider playing a Native American in "Bedtime Stories" below. As Schneider himself might say: "You Can Do It!"

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