Evan Rachel Wood Is Now In An Electro-Pop Duo And Their First Single Kinda Rules

Watch her channel David Bowie in 'Oh Yeah'

Evan Rachel Wood’s vocal talents are hardly a secret -- remember her gorgeous stylings of Beatles classics in Across the Universe? Now, the actress has taken her love for music a step further by forming an electro-pop duo with fellow actor and musician Zach Villa.

Wood and Villa call themselves Rebel and a Basketcase, a nod to the Breakfast Club characters originated by Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson. On Wednesday, they dropped their debut single, “Oh Yeah,” along with its trippy accompanying video, which features lots of glitter, electrical currents, and eye-catching juxtapositions between the bleak and the fantastical. There’s also Wood not-so-discreetly giving her best David Bowie impression, which she pretty much nails.

According to the duo’s official website, “Oh Yeah” is inspired by “the internal conflict of finding one’s identity, whether it be ideological, sexual or other. For Zach, it has an underlying message about classicism and one’s place in life. For Evan, the song is about breaking through barriers and refusing to make one’s self smaller.”

Wood and Villa recently told Rolling Stone they’re dropping their debut album this fall and scheduling tour dates. In other words, expect to hear more from this rebel and basketcase soon -- oh yeah!

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