'Fault In Our Stars' Director Josh Boone To Take 'The Stand'

And it looks like one of his 'Fault' stars will be in it too.

It looks like the rumors that surfaced in late February are true: Josh Boone, who will soon be mobbed by hordes of sobbing teens when "The Fault in Our Stars" debuts on June 6, will indeed direct the remake of "The Stand."

While chatting with MTV News about the upcoming "Fault," Boone casually mentioned the unconfirmed news.

"The emotional connection that they have to that book ["Fault"] is so deep I think a lot about," Boone said. "The reason I can understand that sort of fandom is when I was their age, I loved Stephen King with all of my heart. I wrote him letters when i was a kid, he wrote me back, and sent me some signed books. I put him in my first movie and now I'm adapting and directing 'The Stand' for Warner Bros.

"When I was a kid, his books meant that much to me, so I totally understand the obsession. you have things that root themselves in you. The things that you love as a kid are the hardest to shake. You will always love them."

That's not all. In addition to the news that Boone is writing and directing the movie, it looks like we may have the first -- albeit vague -- bit of casting for the flick as well.

While describing his affection for actor Nat Wolff, who was a centerpiece of Boone's "Stuck In Love" and takes up a supporting role in "Fault" with great gusto as the blind Isaac, Boone revealed that this would not be their last collaboration.

"He's my buddy. He's my lucky rabbit's foot, he'll be in every movie. We've made a gentleman's agreement," he said. "I'm writing a role for him in 'The Stand.' I love him. He's one of my favorite actors on the planet and one of my favorite human beings."