Ludacris And 'Scarface' Star Talk Hip-Hop Influence

'We were all living vicariously through your characters,' Luda gushes to actor Steven Bauer as 'Mixtape Daily' looks on.

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There is no shortage of "Scarface" references in hip-hop. From Brad Jordan's rap moniker to the intro on Jay-Z's now-classic debut, Reasonable Doubt, rappers have been putting their love for the 1983 film on full display since its release, and the movie's actors have taken notice.

Tony Montana himself, [article id="1669640"]the legendary Al Pacino[/article], expressed his appreciation for the hip-hop community on Tuesday night, right before a Los Angeles party in celebration of the upcoming Blu-ray release of the movie. "They really get it and they understand it, and that's a great thing. They've been very supportive all these years. I think they've helped us tremendously," Pacino told MTV News.

And Pacino isn't alone, as his co-star Steven Bauer, who played Montana's best friend Manny "Manolo" Ribera, crashed MTV News' red carpet interview with Ludacris just to introduce himself and show love to the rapper.

"You know what? You're responsible. You and everybody that came before you brought 'Scarface' to [the] mainstream," Bauer told Luda after exchanging pleasantries. "We were dead in the water, we were forgotten and we were lepers."

The film was panned by critics after its theatrical release and the over-the-top violence proved to be too much for mainstream America at the time. But "Scarface" eventually became a cult-classic, and the rap community had a lot to do with it.

"We were all living vicariously through your characters," 'Cris told Bauer of the flick's hip-hop appeal. "As the whole rap community, we definitely support."

There was clearly mutual admiration between Luda and Bauer, as the veteran actor jokingly told the MC that he had "ho's in different area codes," making a reference to Luda's 2001 hit single.

After the exchange, Luda gushed about his favorite "Scarface" scene. "Say hello to my little friend," he said, referencing the climactic death scene where Montana's home is invaded by rival drug lord Alejandro Sosa's assassins. "That is definitely my best line and best part of the movie, because he just went out in a blaze of glory, man. If you gonna go out, that's how you go out."

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