EXCLUSIVE: The 'Insurgent' Super Bowl Pregame Trailer Will Shatter Your Mind

She is the one.

Prepare for your mind to be blown: the Super Bowl pregame trailer for "The Divergent Series: Insurgent" is here, and it's explosive. Literally.

This brand new look at "Insurgent" -- which hits theaters March 20 -- will also air ahead of the Super Bowl this Sunday, but is exclusively debuting here, right now, on MTV News... Which makes it a good matching set with the final "Insurgent" poster and tie-in book cover we unveiled yesterday (January 28).

Step into Tris' (Shailene Woodley) fear landscape in the new clip, as she faces off against the villainous Jeanine (Kate Winslet). As you'll remember from the closing of "Divergent," Tris, Four (Theo James) and their gang of Dauntless fighters narrowly escaped Jeanine and the Erudite faction's attempt at a coup to take control of all the factions. Hunted because she didn't fit neatly into just one world, being Divergent now may be Tris' greatest asset.

So hold tight and dive in. The simulation is about to begin, and now's the time to be Dauntless.

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