How To Dress Like Cher, Dionne And Tai From 'Clueless' This Halloween

Gather your two besties ASAP because this Halloween you're definitely gonna wanna channel the most stellar style trio of all time–Cher, Dionne and Tai from Clueless, duh. Since debuting nearly 20 years ago, it's still one of the most talked about (and culturally iconic!) fashion films from the '90s. Earlier this year, Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX made their entire "Fancy" music video a super on-point recreation of the cult movie, and with the '90s trends still in full effect, these outfits totally can be worn long after All Hallows Eve' is over.

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If you want a super statement ensemble, we suggest going the Cher Horowitz route, but if you want to keep it low key, stick with Tai Frasier's post-makeover ensemble. If you're more the crafty type, try taking Dionne's look (mostly, that hat) for a spin. Check ’em out below, and let us know which outfit you like best!

CHER HOROWITZ[image src="wp-attachment://1972908" title="Clueless Costume" alt="Clueless Costume"]+ Plaid Mini Skirt ($19)

+ '90s iPhone Case ($11)

+ White Over-The-Knee Socks ($5)

+ Cropped Yellow Cardigan ($30)

+ Pink Feather Pen ($16)

+ White Mary Jane Shoes ($29)

+ White Crop Top Tee ($16)


Clueless Halloween Costume

+ Fake Nose Ring ($7)

+ Retro iPhone Case ($7)

+ Plaid Skirt ($13)

+ Black Handbag ($42)

+ Cropped Red Cardigan ($30)

+ Black Knee-High Socks ($8)

+ White Crop Top Tee ($16)


+ White Plastic Top Hat ($2)

+ Giant Rose Bead ($15)

+ Black Bow ($4)

TAI FRASIER[image src="wp-attachment://1972919" title="tai" alt="Clueless Halloween"]+ Cropped Green Cardigan ($51)

+ Brown Scrunchie ($4)

+ Plaid A-Line Skirt ($19)

+ Heather Green Ringer Tee ($9)

+ Brown Ribbed Tights ($10)

+ Mary Jane Heels ($40)

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