Who Won The Opening Night Of The Drake Vs Lil Wayne Tour? We Have The Answer

Weezy or Drizzy?

Darien Center, New York -- Things went 0 to 100, real quick when Lil Wayne and Drake squared off against each other on the opening date their Drake Vs Lil Wayne Tour at the Darien Lake Performance Arts Center in New York on Friday night.

It was a see-saw of a battle, as each rapper performed their biggest hits and even traded insults here and there. If you missed it don't worry, we have the play-by-play.

The Intro

Rob Markman


The lights went low and fans were treated to a "Street Fighter"-inspired intro video which set-up the conflict between the student and teacher.

Use Your Phone To Pick Who Goes First

Rob Markman


Fans who used the Drake Vs Lil Wayne Tour app prior to the show were able to determine which artist goes first.

Wayne Wins The Opening Slot

Rob Markman


To start, the New York fans were most excited to see Weezy. The Young Money boss sets things off with "Blunt Blowin," "John" and "Steady Mobbin'."

Here Comes Drizzy

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Wayne leaves the stage and Drake answers back with some hits of his own: "Draft Day," "We Made It" and "The Language."

They Trade Insults

Drake teases Wayne, reminding his mentor that he has a very special set of skills, like singing. Weezy reminds his student that he's been making hits since Drake was on "Degrassi."

Drake Flies Into The Crowd

Aubrey flew above the crowd singing "Marvins Room" in an effort to show up Tunechi.

Tune Is Unimpressed

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Wayne told Drake he wasn't moved by all his singing, in fact he was so bored that he went backstage, took a shower and came back out in a bathrobe.

Their Respective DJs Join The Battle

While Drizzy and Wayne took a breather, Future the Prince and DJ 45 took turns trying to hype up the crowd. 45 started with Rae Sremmurds "No Flex Zone," but Prince ended it with Wiz's "We Dem Boyz" and takes the W.

Time For A "Street Fighter"-Style Soundclash

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The two MCs come out on stage at the same time and go hit for hit. Wayne does his verse on Juicy J's "Bandz a Make Her Dance" and Drake answers back with his part on 2 Chainz's "No Lie."

Weezy Wins

Rob Markman


After a heated final round, fans are instructed to use their app to vote for a winner. Tune reigns victorious.

The Grand Finale

Drizzy humbly accepts the loss and together he and Wayne embark on a collaborative set which includes "The Moto," "Believe Me," the newly-released "Grindin'" and the concert-closing "HYFR." hell yeah!

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