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'Fifty Shades' Fallout: Charlie Hunnam Opens Up After Christian Grey Exit

The actor talks about what's next for him after leaving the flick earlier this month.

Since [article id="1715513"]Charlie Hunnam dropped out of "Fifty Shades of Grey"[/article] earlier this month, there's been a lot of [article id="1715543"]speculation about who might fill in for him[/article] in the role of Christian Grey. But, that doesn't seem to be Hunnam's concern.

The "Sons of Anarchy" actor is opening up about what's next for him now that he's no longer tied up with "Fifty Shades of Grey."

After Hunnam wraps his FX show, "Sons," he said, "I am going to go to England and see my people and then I have a film that I am doing with ['Pacific Rim' director] Guillermo [del Toro called 'Crimson Peak']. So I am going to go and do that and concentrate on the final seasons of 'Sons,' " he explained to E! News at a recent event in California.

The actor added that his focus will be on the del Toro project as well as finishing up his FX series. "It's obviously going to be a really emotional time for us," he said. "We are like a family and have become very, very close and become dear friends to each other so it's going to be sad and finish up and say goodbye to everyone, but we've got like 13, maybe even a few more, episodes.

"There's a rumor that we might do a couple of more episodes and do a little bit of an extended season next year, so we will see if that happens," he added. "It may or it may not. But I just want to finish that strong and go on to a new chapter of life."

With Hunnam looking to his own slate of projects, "Fifty Shades" executives are also looking to fill the role. Everyone from [article id="1715620"]Alexander Skarsgard to "Divergent" star Theo James[/article] have been rumored to be contenders for the part. Recently, Hollywood "It" boy Scott Eastwood (son of legendary actor Clint Eastwood) has been attached to the project.

The latest buzz is that fellow front-runners [article id="1715822"]Billy Magnussen and Jamie Dornan[/article] recently screen-tested for the role alongside its female lead, Dakota Johnson. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the studio is looking to fill the role fast given a November 1 start date for production.

Producer Michael De Luca spoke to E! about how hands-on Johnson has been in the wake of Hunnam's exit. "She's just so Anastasia Steele. She's the best partner a producer could have," he said. "She's helping us look through the candidates to see which chemistry kind of captures our attention."

He said that despite the setback the film, directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, will still open on August 1, 2014. He added that right now they are "looking everywhere, but I think in a couple weeks it will be announced and everything will be cool."