Day26 Don't Want To Be The Next Danity Kane

'We are going to be together forever,' Que says; 'Making the Band' season finale airs Thursday.

[article id="1604910"]This season of "Making the Band"[/article] is all about to come to an end when the live season finale airs Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET. Aubrey O'Day and the rest of the [article id="1609473"]former Danity Kane members[/article] are rumored to be making appearances on the show, and [artist id="3006111"]Day26[/artist] will have a lot of explaining to do about their own behavior.

"I don't get tired of the cameras, because this is my job," Qwanell "Que" Mosley told MTV News about his sometimes-negative portrayal this season. "The story wasn't always completely honest, and even me looking at it, it's like, 'Man, this guy looks crazy.' "

Brian Andrews backed up his bandmate, even if the two had their issues during the season. "We are just like family," he said. "We have our differences. Sometimes family comes to blows. We all love each other. We all respect Day26, and Que is not crazy."

This season has been hard for all the guys, who have been dealing with the end of Danity Kane as well as financial and career-related issues of their own. "That's what the tears are all about," Will Taylor explained. "The show is real. We went through that. In my heart, I felt like this could be over."

Despite all the drama, fights and tears, they aren't willing to go the way of Danity Kane and allow the drama to break them up. "I know we are going to be together forever," Mosley explained. "Groups break up over that [drama], and for us to get over it and move forward with Day26, we will be together forever."

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