'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows' Trailer: An Expert Analysis

MTV News breaks down the final film's final trailer.

The final "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2" trailer has arrived, and after we wiped a stray tear from our eye, we dove into a bit of expert commentary -- because the new footage is nothing short of epic!

Hit play on the embedded video as we walk through some of the key moments in the trailer, then read on for a deeper exploration of the last "Potter" trailer before "Deathly Hallows, Part 2" hits theaters July 15.

Watch Out, Mrs. Potter

Right off the bat, we greet Harry's mom, Lily Potter, just moments before she and her husband are going to die by Voldemort's hand. This is a very critical scene in "Potter" mythology. We've seen flashbacks and memories of Harry's childhood before, but it does seem "Part 2" is going to give us a full showing of what happened to Harry as very young boy. It's sure to be a grisly moment. It's a difficult scene to read, and it's likely to be even more taxing to watch. This brief glimpse of Lily hints the new movie will not shy away from J.K. Rowling's most grueling material. Everything has led to this.

Quidditch Is No More

There have been so many gargantuan action set pieces across the franchise, but this scene of the Quidditch field burning to the ground gives us a very clear picture of where the series is headed: from wizards and witches flying around on broomsticks to that venue for the game being destroyed. It's all a result of the Battle of Hogwarts, the grand and terrifying throw-down near the film's conclusion.

Snape, You Rascal

What to think about Severus Snape? He's been a good guy and a Dumbledore-killing villain. In this scene, he most certainly is not in everyone's good graces. Harry's got a lot of anger to direct at Snape, seeing as he killed the boy wizard's mentor. Here he finally gets to confront Snape -- the first time since "Half-Blood Prince" that these two have come face to face. But give Snape some time. Without spoiling anything for those who have not read the book, Snape has some interesting things to share and a new side of himself to show off.

Welcome Back, Gary

This is one of the single most important scenes in the entire series. Harry is about to go off into the forest for a battle with Voldemort, and he's greeted by the ghosts of pals' past, thanks to the powers of the Resurrection Stone. One of them is Gary Oldman's Sirius Black. [article id="1633098"]Daniel Radcliffe has told MTV News[/article] on many occasions that this scene was the one he was dreading most. Did he have the chops to pull it off? But when it came time to shoot the scene, the actor behind Harry was relieved to have a legend like Oldman supporting him.

It All Ends, Epically

Overall, it's hard not to note how epic the trailer is. You have warriors jumping and landing on one knee -- that most badass of acrobatic big-screen landings. You have thousands of spells, like arrows out of "Braveheart," soaring toward an embattled castle. You have dragons breathing fire and loads of people dying. It's amazing to see how much is being revealed in the trailer. Yet at the same time, so much is still to come. There's so much in store that it would be impossible to spoil everything. If you think this trailer is too filled with spoilers, you're wrong! There's a lot more that could be shown. And that's proof the final film has absolutely everything you could want as a "Potter" fan.

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