Norman Reedus’s 'Walking Dead' Throwback Pic Will Put You In Mourning All Over Again

R.I.P. everyone

As Rick Grimes gets ready to lead his people in the war against Negan, The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus is pulling us back to the show's origins.

Reedus shared a Polaroid snapshot from Season 1 on Instagram Sunday (March 19) showing off "the OGs of the apocalypse" (as one fan commented) and reminding us just how far these (surviving) characters have come since their journey began in 2010.

Remember Jacqui (Jeryl Prescott), who chose to stay behind in the CDC headquarters? Or how about Jim (Andrew Rothenberg), who made the group tie him to a tree and leave him to die and turn into a Walker? In fact, only three characters in this photo are alive on the show today: Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Carl (Chandler Riggs), and Daryl (Reedus). Of course, Carol (Melissa McBride) is also still alive, but isn't in the photo.

Special R.I.P. shoutout to both Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), who were too precious for this world. Thanks for the reminder of what (and who) we've lost, Norman. Now we have to mourn them all over again — as we gear up to lose even more of our beloved fighters in the impending war.