9 Times The 'Supergirl' Villains Actually Gave Some Good Advice

Too bad they're, you know, bad guys.

Sure, most of the villains on "Supergirl" may be megalomaniacs, but that doesn't mean they don't have some keen insight into the workings of Earth-based society (especially of the western variety).

Many of the best fictional villains are the ones who have relatable motives they take too far. "Supergirl" seems to have that formula down pat — especially in relation to its long-term baddies, i.e. Astra and Maxwell Lord.

Here are nine times the villains on "Supergirl" actually had some pretty good advice...

Those times Astra worried about climate change.



Astra on Krypton: "Our people will be dead in a year if they continue treating our world like an inexhaustible playground." Astra on Earth: "Much like Krypton, this planet is on the verge of ecological destruction." Astra has a point, people.

That time Maxwell Lord wanted to be a new kind of hero.

We have a feeling that Lord's idea of a "new kind of hero" may be different from ours, but his words sure are pretty. He tells Alex that he, too, wants to help others: "I feel the same way. Only I do it without a gun. The world needs a new kind of hero ... Supergirl's just a glorified fireman. She's not going to solve the underlying problems that are actually destroying this planet." (We love us some Supergirl, but she's probably not going to solve systemic poverty, TBH.)

That time Maxwell Lord shamed a reporter.



Lord's response to a question about whether Supergirl was coming? "We're here to talk about the future of this planet. Not guest lists." BURN.

That time Astra hated on General Lane.



Astra's response to General Lane's introduction?: "I wonder how many of your fellow humans you had to kill in order to achieve such a rank." Astra's not even so much hating on General Lane here (though that guy is the worst), but on the entire American military industrial complex. #AmbitiousGoals

That time Maxwell Lord wanted people to save themselves.



"Supergirl lulls us into complacency. She fools us into thinking she'll save us and renders us incapable of saving ourselves. Like heroin, or the welfare state."

Not cool with the socioeconomically-ignorant diss of the welfare state, Lord, but your point that people should try to be their community's own heroes whenever possible is not so off-point. And if that's also a sly jab at our society's obsession with fame and celebrity, then we might have to be impressed.

That time Astra recommended a costume change.



All in all, Kara's cape comes in handy. Sometimes, however, Kara's cape comes in handy for her enemies.

That time Maxwell Lord ranted about the media.



On last night's episode of "Supergirl," Maxwell Lord took the opportunity of finding photog James Olsen on his property to launch into a rant about the current state of the media: "You champion low gas prices so we continue to burn fossil fuels. You celebrate pop stars while ignoring corrupt politicians. And you turn pretty blondes who fly into heroes." Kara is a hero, hater, but Lord's got some points on those first two items.

That time Maxwell Lord cracked the Red Tornado case.



"You're looking for Frankenstein's monster, but you need to look for Dr. Frankenstein." -- Maxwell Lord suggesting that the D.E.O. isn't looking for Red Tornado, but for the person controlling Red Tornado, a.k.a. Dr. Morrow.

That time Astra reiterated that vulnerability is power.



You can take the general out of Krypton... In the latest "Supergirl" episode, Astra cited some of her Kryptonian values, telling General Lane: "On Krypton, it is a show of great strength to admit one's fears to an enemy." On Earth, we say, all honest emotions, all the time. We think Astra might feel the same way.