10 Things You Can Do With A Fitbit (Other Than Tracking Mileage)

Just track your steps or mileage with your Fitbit? Honey, you’re missing out!

Everybody and their cat has a Fitbit, but did you know it does more than just track step counts or mileage? There are many other things a Fitbit can do, that you’ve probably never thought about.

Music Control


dancing to your playlist

You can control your playlist from your Fitbit, whether you’re running errands, at work or at the gym. Here’s how.

Food Logging


food tracking

If you’re on a diet, Fitbit can keep track of every morsel that passes your lips. Fitbit has a bar code scanners, calorie estimators, meal shortcuts and an expanded food database to help you keep track of every calorie.

Social Challenges

Fitbit has one of the largest social networks focused on fitness in the world. Users can invite friends to share stats, send cheers, taunt and compete. It’s a great way to say, “Take that, sucka!” after a workout.

Heart Rate Monitoring Beyond the Workout


heart rate monitored by fitbit

Watching your heart isn’t important only while you’re working out. For example, if your heart rate is higher than normal in the morning it could be a sign of impending an impending cold or flu. An increase in your resting heart rate over time may be a sign of future heart trouble.

Track GPS

Don’t just stop at tracking your heart rate. You can also use Fitbit for GPS tracking on the Fitbit Surge.

Sleep Tracking


gilmore girls sleep makes your pretty

You can use your Fitbit to monitor your sleep automatically and set a silent alarm. You can see how many times you’ve had “sleep disturbances,” see how long you’ve slept, track patterns and get a better night’s sleep. Plus, what better way to wake up then by the gentle nudge of your Fitbit vibrating on your wrist?

Call and Text Notifications


Fitbit Text notification

Certain Fitbit models allow you to see call and text notifications on the display. This is perfect for times when you can’t look at your phone, but want to be sure you haven’t missed a call from your boo.

Time Tracking

Vanessa Chettleburgh/Getty Images

Wearable Tech

Have you ever wondered how long it took you to do something so you can win an argument? Wonder no longer! You can record individual activities by putting your Fitbit into Activity/Exercise Mode mode. Tap your Fitbit Flex rapidly until two lights start flashing at the beginning of your activity. At the end of the activity, tap it rapidly until you see 5 blinking lights. Pro tip: Tapping on the window is more effective than tapping anywhere else.

Pair it With Apps

Steve Jennings/Getty Images


Fitbit is great at sharing information with other apps you may use. For example, say you’re on Weight Watchers, Fitbit can share your health and exercise information with your Weight Watcher’s app. Here is a list of apps that Fitbit plays well with.

Charge Reminders


charging your fitbit

The little guy can even remind you to charge it. Set up a recurring reminder that will go off every five to six days to remind you to give your new best buddy some nourishment. Here’s how.

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