Psy's Looking To Release An Album Just In Time For 'Summer Season'

Psy plans to build on the success of 'Gangnam Style' and 'Gentleman' with an album this summer.

When we last heard from Psy, he was thanking Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong for calling him [article id="1707067"]"the herpes of music."[/article]

And while that seemed rather, uh, odd, apparently Psy really was grateful for the comparison. Because he's seemingly been taking cues from the viral disease, and he's planning his next flare up: the release of his first U.S. album, which he hopes will happen this summer. Though, first, he's got to wrap up the promotional run in support of his [article id="1706774"]"Gentleman"[/article] single, which could take a while.

"I've got to promo this song! Next week, I am starting to travel again, [going] to seven or eight countries, Psy told MTV News at the "American Idol" finale. "I'm going to be done by end of June, and then, after that I'm really going to work hard on the album, so that hopefully I can release it during the summer season."

A spokesperson for Psy did not respond to MTV News' request for comment on the album, though the South Korean sensation seems determined to finish it in time for beach season. It may require hard work, but, having already proven he's [article id="1706443"]no one-hit wonder[/article], Psy's hoping to keep the good times rolling as long as possible.

"You know, still, after eight or nine months, all these kinds of things are still [amazing] to me, honestly," he said, looking around the "Idol" red carpet. "So what can I say? Everything's so nice, I'm just enjoying life."

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