These Are The Hottest Hookups Of 2015: MTV Edition

Well hello there, Karmy!

Love was most certainly in the air on MTV this year -- and we've got the pairings to prove it.

From Karmy's steamy smooch on "Faking It" to Layden's budding "Teen Wolf" connection, the network showcased a unique collection of couples in 2015. Without further ado, put on "I'll Make Love To You" and peep our favorite twosomes:

Sadie and Sergio, "Awkward"

It warmed our hearts when they were flirting in the food truck -- now, we're hoping the duo can mend fences when the series returns because we need an extra helping of Sadio!

Jenna and Zach, "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2"

Sparks were flying when the "Real World" alums met in Panama -- even as they were partnered with their former loves (Jay and Jonna, respectively). Not awkward at all...

Emma and Kieran, "Scream"

You'd think that being systematically targeted by a serial killer would kill the mood but -- surprise! -- these two still managed to get romantic.

Karma and Amy, "Faking It"

That party-fueled moment in the pool when all of us Karmy fans finally got our due was a total mic drop -- we just wish it didn't lead to that big fight. Work it out, BFF-soulmates!

Chelsea and Cole, "Teen Mom 2"

The newly betrothed couple totally defines our #RomanceGoals: We want to share custody of a pet pig with that special somebody too!

Chelsey and Connor, "Are You The One?"

As this season's first (and, until the end, only uncovered) perfect match, they own the nickname "The Honeymooners."

Carter and Crash, "Finding Carter"

Right now, the on-again, off-again duo is doing the "just friends" thing -- but our fingers are crossed for a reconciliation. Step aside, Jared!

Liam and Hayden, "Teen Wolf"

These two overcame so much to give us the gift of Layden, and we do not take their monstrously passionate chemistry for granted.

What was your favorite MTV hookup of 2015? Let us know in the comment section, and find more of the best of 2015 at MTV News.