13 Times The Zombie Apocalypse Couldn't Stop Glenn And Maggie's Love

Love amongst the zombies.

No matter how bleak things get on "The Walking Dead," there's one thing that always makes us feel just a little bit better about this cold, cruel, zombie-infested world: The couple colloquially known as Glaggie.

Glenn and Maggie might have started off as convenient outlets for each other's physical needs, but over the course of three seasons, their romance has become the one reliable bright spot in a landscape rife with rotten gray zombie flesh. Here are 13 times that the happy couple has reminded us that the world as we know it might come to an end, but true love will never die.

1. When Glenn saw Maggie for the first time. Hellooooo, farmer's daughter!


2. When they went to get supplies at the drugstore, but ended up rolling in the aisles.


3. When they kissed and made up after that unfortunate incident wherein Glenn was dangled as bait for the well walker.

farm kiss

4. When they totally made out even though they were both splattered head to toe with human juice.


5. When they were up in the guard tower... um, guarding stuff.

guard tower

6. When Maggie was so super-excited to show Glenn what a good zombie-killer she is.

see that

7. When Glenn remembered their anniversary...


8. And knew exactly how to get the perfect engagement ring.


9. When they thought it was goodbye. (I'm not sobbing. You're sobbing.)


10. When they made sure to keep the spark alive.


11. When Maggie took out an entire bus of walkers just to be sure Glenn wasn't on board.

maggie blood

12. When Glenn knew for sure that Maggie survived the attack on the prison.

go to
glenn runs

13. When they were reunited, and it felt so good.


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