Justin Timberlake Makes Super Return At Pre-Super Bowl Gig

Jay-Z and Timbaland join JT for his first '20/20 Experience' live performance, in New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS -- First the [article id="1700112"]single[/article], then the [article id="1700731"]lyric video[/article] and now the live performance: Justin Timberlake is officially a pop superstar once again.

Walking into the DirecTV Super Saturday Night bash in New Orleans was like gaining access to the biggest underground Mardi Gras party in the city -- a city that just so happens to be hosting the Super Bowl the next day. As partygoers drank cocktails, danced to a DJ set by ?uestlove and noshed on finger food in a huge tent filled with half-naked burlesque dancers, the atmosphere was electric. Celebs and sports stars were sprinkled throughout (um, hi Matt Kemp!), but everyone there was eagerly anticipating the star of the evening: Justin Timberlake in his first concert in what feels like forever.

Backed by a full band and four backup singers he's calling the Tennessee Kids, JT arrived onstage looking dapper as ever in a tuxedo, complete with bow tie and cummerbund, wedding ring and hair slicked back, à la Frank Sinatra.

Photos of JT, Jay-Z and Timbaland from the show.

He started the show playing the guitar during his first solo single "Like I Love You," and for an hour and a half, he went through his hits and two new cuts, "Pusher Love Girl" and "That Girl," from his upcoming album, [article id="1701243"]The 20/20 Experience.[/article]

Justin fans have nothing to worry about, as his music, dancing and showmanship are at the same level or higher than they've ever been. Adeptly switching between the keyboard, piano and guitar while playing it sexy, cool, romantic and soulful, JT seemed supremely comfortable and happy onstage.

By the time he brought Jay-Z out during "Suit & Tie" and introduced Timbaland to perform "SexyBack," the floor of the venue was shaking and everyone in attendance was aware of one thing: Justin Timberlake is back.

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