Mark Wahlberg Not A Fan Of Andy Samberg's 'Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals' SNL Sketch

It popped up in the wee hours of last weekend on "Saturday Night Live," and has now become one of the hottest viral clips on the Internet. But what does the real Marky Mark think of Andy Samberg’s “Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals” sketch?

(What? You haven't seen the sketch yet? Check it out after the jump!)

“Uh, I didn’t think it was as funny as I’d hoped,” said the rapper-turned-actor, whose new flick “Max Payne” opens October 17th. In the sketch, Samberg does a dead-on imitation of the “Boogie Nights” star, randomly approaching a dog (“I like your fur, that’s really great!”), a donkey (“You eat apples, right? I produce 'Entourage'!”) and a goat (“I had a beard like that in 'The Perfect Storm'!") and ending each encounter with the same terse farewell for his interview subjects.

“Say hi to your mother for me,” the real-life Wahlberg grinned, insisting he never says that in real life. “No, no. But that’s my new catchphrase now.”

“I love when people do imitations of me; I try to get people who work with me to do it all the time,” Wahlberg explained of his ability to laugh at himself. “It’s not gonna be one of those things like [Tina Fey’s recent sketches about] Sarah Palin, where it’s a big deal.”

Wahlberg told MTV after the interview that he believed the sketch had come about because he’d been approached several times over the years to host “Saturday Night Live,” but has turned down executive producer Lorne Michaels because he didn’t think he was right for the show. The 37-year-old actor added that although he enjoyed some of the work Will Ferrell did on “SNL”, he hasn’t watched the show regularly since the '80s and early-'90s.

Wahlberg also revealed to us that he has met Andy Samberg in the past, a meeting that may have had the funnyman secretly studying his mannerisms.

“I did meet him. I met him in Canada when he was shooting that movie ‘Hot Rod’, and I liked ‘Hot Rod’,” Wahlberg said. “’Hot Rod’ was funnier than that skit, I thought. I just wish it was a little bit funnier.”

What did you think of ‘Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals,” and what do you think of the real Mark Wahlberg’s response?”

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