'Avatar' Marks Seventh Week As Box-Office #1

James Cameron's latest crosses $2 billion worldwide, Mel Gibson's 'Edge of Darkness' earns second place.

#1 [movie id="301495"]"Avatar"[/movie] ($30 million)

#2 [movie id="389883"]"Edge of Darkness"[/movie] ($17.1 million)

#3 [movie id="380793"]"When in Rome"[/movie] ($12.1 million)

#4 [movie id="382467"]"The Tooth Fairy"[/movie] ($10 million)

#5 [movie id="348624"]"The Book of Eli"[/movie] ($8.8 million)

[article id="1630535"]"Avatar" already beat "Titanic"[/article] to become the highest-grossing film of all time, but James Cameron's latest isn't showing any signs of slowing even after its record-smashing victory. Over the weekend, the science-fiction epic once again claimed the top prize at the domestic box office with $30 million, marking seven straight weekend wins since debuting in December.

Even with the great white whale of "Titanic" defeated on a global level, the 1997 Academy Award winner is still the king of the domestic box office with $600.8 million. But that record is likely to be dethroned within days, as "Avatar" is currently sitting at $594.5 million domestically.

There are few records left for "Avatar" to shatter once it beats "Titanic" in the American marketplace -- this weekend, it became the first film to reach $2 billion. It's no longer a question of whether or not [article id="1630555"]"Avatar" will set new records[/article]; it's a question of how far those records will go.

As has been the case since "Avatar" entered the box office, the remaining theatrical entries were competing on an entirely different playing field. Director Martin Campbell's "Edge of Darkness" did the best with a $17.1 million silver medal, thanks to a combination of positive buzz and Mel Gibson's long-awaited return in front of the camera. Despite the success, Gibson was used to pulling in greater box-office numbers during the height of his career -- but then again, he never had "Avatar" to contend with.

Newcomer "When in Rome," Mark Steven Johnson's romantic comedy starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel, debuted in third place with $12.1 million, while fourth place went to holdover "The Tooth Fairy" with $10 million. "The Book of Eli" closed the top five with an $8.8 million fifth-place finish.

Upcoming Releases

Next week, John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers' "From Paris With Love" and Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum's "Dear John" enter wide release, but can either film put a stop to "Avatar" 's winning streak?

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