Asher Roth Completes 'RetroHash' Journey With 'Pull It' Video

Watch the transformation come to a close.

Asher Roth has created a particular aesthetic with his recent RetroHash videos, with pulsating lights and colors guiding the way for visuals that have a bit of a nostalgic feel. With his latest clip, "Pull It," which dropped on Wednesday (September 24), Ash continued the trend.

"'Pull It' is the third and final chapter in the 'RetroHash' journey," the rapper wrote in the description of the video on YouTube. 'Following 'Parties at the Disco' (escape) and 'Last of the Flohicans' (ego death), 'Pull It' represents the transformation."

During the video, there are times when the Pennsylvania native gets up close with the camera, and others where things look a bit more murky and clouded. Throughout, though, you'll be nodding your head, and afterwards, probably want to go check out the first two.

In case you missed it, here's "Parties At The Disco" featuring ZZ Ward.

And here's "Last Of The Flohicans" featuring Major Myjah.