Kendall Jenner Has A Very Chill Response To Her Billboard's Drone Attack

Last week, Kendall Jenner's gigantic Calvin Klein billboard was defaced in a very modern way—by a drone. Graffiti artist KATSU managed to spray red paint across Kendall's face, making the billboard the first ever to be vandalized via drone. Despite being an historic moment for technology and graffiti artistry, The Man™ prevailed and the marked image was replaced over the weekend.

Kendall shared a photo of the replacement—another image from her brand new CK campaign. Based on her "what drone?" caption, Kendall seems to be taking the sitch in stride—and, TBH, we wouldn't be worried about much else either if we could pull off a cropped sweatshirt as effortlessly.

While, obviously, we don't want to see the billboard get tagged again, we wouldn't mind seeing Kendall AND Simon Nessman, her campaign costar, in larger-than-life proportions. Maybe next time, CK? Just a suggestion from a woman who walks by it every day—thanks!