Nicki Minaj Directs Miley Cyrus And Her 'Anaconda' Memes To The 'No Chill Zone'

'HannahConda'? Oh boy.

Yeah, the No Chill Zone is right here.

When Nicki Minaj released her "Anaconda" cover art the Internet was flooded with hilarious memes, and two weeks later, Miley Cryus is still trying to keep the movement alive. Her two recent Instagram posts, in honor of Nicki, tickled the YMCMB rapper (at least a little bit).

Miley went through the trouble of having her own head Photoshopped onto the rapper's booty pose in two separate images. One was titled "HannahConda" in tribute to her infamous Disney Channel character, Hannah Montana, and another featured her current self.

She even made sure to tweak the skin color in both photos so that it, natural?

Nicki responded with a series of laughing/crying emojis and a lil' Miley tongue, telling fans, "Give me one good reason why Miley made this her twitter avi."

When she re-posted Miley's second photo, she simply captioned it "No Chill Zone."

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