What To Expect From The Big 'Bond 24' Announcement

Title prediction: 'James Bond: Mockingjay - Part 2'

In a time when even "Star Wars" can't keep its secrets, it's amazing when any major film series can keep details from leaking prematurely, and I think it's safe to say that nobody does it better than 007.

The 24th James Bond movie is scheduled to hit theaters in November 2015 with Daniel Craig, Naomi Harris, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whisaw and director Sam Mendes all returning, and on Thursday, December 4, the world will find out the rest of the details at a press conference.

This kind announcement is tradition at this point, and if past press conferences are any indication here is some of what we can expect.

The Title


This is the one we're waiting for. While some details have slipped to the press, somehow the title for "Bond 24" has managed to stay a secret. What will it be called? The cool thing about this series is that the title is always something kind of obscure and never holds your hand. I have no idea what the thing will be called, but I'm glad it definitely won't be "The Bond Saga: Blofeld's Revenge - Part 1."

The New Cast Members


Some casting news has already reached the general public. Dave Bautista, Léa Seydoux and Christoph Waltz are all said to be part of the ensemble. We know the Bond archetype that each fits into -- main henchman, Bond girl and villain, respectively -- but beyond that, the press conference has plenty of questions to answer.

The Blofeld?


This is technically covered by the point above, but it's worth its own breakout. The current rumors (from a very reliable source) is that Waltz is playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Bond's oldest and most recurring nemesis, who hasn't been seen in the official series since "For Your Eyes Only" in 1981. This would be a major comeback, but EON could decide to pulled a Benedict Cumberbatch in "Star Trek Into Darkness" and John Harrison him, giving him a false name for a mid-movie reveal. I hope that the production company is aware enough to know that Waltz's cover is most likely blown and reveals him as Blofled at the conference.

Check back here on Thursday morning for all of the details about "Bond 24." The movie hits U.S. theaters November 6, 2015.

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