'Resident Evil 6' Patch To Fix Camera, Unlock Fourth Campaign From The Start

Responding to concerns about the Resident Evil 6 camera (one of several problems with the game), Capcom plans to release a patch in December to allow the player more control in the field of view. Will this be enough to turn RE 6 around?

Who, knows, but there's more than just camera fixes on the way in the winter title update.

The first big fix will be that the fourth "secret" campaign, the one you know nothing about, will be unlocked from the start. Currently, you have to play through all three of the male leads' campaigns before jumping into Ada's which is designed to wrap up many of the dangling plot threads throughout the story. Additionally, she'll be getting an optional player-controlled co-op partner as opposed to having to go it solo.

If you felt like the game wasn't enough of a challenge, Capcom is also adding a "No Hope" difficulty level, although the mail this morning did not elaborate on what this would entail.

Finally, they've provided shots of the new camera which seems to be adjustable with multiple levels of depth. In the the images below, the first screenshot represent the default, close view while the second is the extreme, far view. From the looks of it, the far view adds an extra third or so to the top and sides of the character, possibly resolving some of the irritation of getting attacked by an infected from off-screen.

Chris's current camera:

Chris with the revised camera:

Leon's current camera:

Leon with the revised camera:

The update is scheduled for sometime in December.

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