New 'Do: 'Girl Code' Star Carly Aquilino Just Went From Fiery Red To Cotton Candy Pink!

See the comedienne's brand-new look.

In January, "Girl Code" lost its resident blonde bombshell to the dark side, and it looks like the show's most fiery redhead is now just a fleeting memory, too.

Carly Aquilino's Instagram


Carly Aquilino, who once professed on the show "We change our hair when something traumatic happens to us, and obviously I’ve been through a lot of s**t," has done away with her crimson locks in favor of a cotton candy 'do, and she wasted no time sharing the very pink look on Instagram. Let's just hope this doesn't mean she's in total agony...

"Taking the new hair color to the pizza place like the #classy broad I am!! I'm obsessed," she captioned the photo above, which includes a collection of delivery boxes in the background. And if you're as ardent a fan of pizza as Carly, there's really no better place to make the big debut.

Carly Aquilino's Instagram


Check out the photo, tell us if you're digging Carly's new strands and stay tuned to MTV News for updates on "Girl Code" Season 3!