'Supernatural' Meets 'The Walking Dead' When Dean Runs Into Abraham

Jensen Ackles finishes what his ‘Supernatural’ dad started

Though it's been a decade since we last saw John Winchester on Supernatural, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan's still been "saving people, hunting things." Well, by "saving people," we mean saving his people on The Walking Dead — and doing everything in his power to keep Rick Grimes and company subservient to him. While fans continued to mourn their innocence after TWD's brutally graphic Season 7 premiere, SPN's Jensen Ackles has reopened that wound.

On Thursday (March 9), Ackles posted a hilarious pic of him hanging out with Michael Cudlitz, a.k.a. TWD's fallen soldier Abraham. Morgan's character, Negan, murdered Abraham with his baseball bat, but it turns out Abraham actually has nine lives. "Hey dad... or @JDMorgan ... I think one got away!!!" Ackles cleverly captioned in the photo of him giving Cudlitz the stink eye.

Abraham might have "escaped" his fate from Negan, but Dean Winchester looks like he's gonna finish his dad's work, one way or another. Heck, he already managed to get his hands on Lucille last year, so Abraham better watch his back (again).

This photo now makes us crave a SPN and TWD crossover episode. The Walkers wouldn't know what hit 'em with Dean and Sam Winchester on the case.