That Eamon Dis Track? Ho-Wopper Now Claims He Was Behind It

Singer says he loves 'FU Right Back,' which accuses him of being lousy in bed.

The beef between R&B singer Eamon and his so-called ex-girlfriend, Frankee, continues to heat up on radio, as stations across the country follow up his hit "F--- It (I Don't Want You Back)" with her dis track, "FU Right Back." Frankee's song, which uses the exact same music as "F--- It (I Don't Want You Back)," calls Eamon out as being lousy in bed, having pubic lice and generally sucking as a boyfriend. And Eamon loves every word. In fact, he claims he approved the song before the public even heard it.

Not only does he say Frankee was never his girl, he said she was handpicked by his staff to record a response to "F--- It  (I Don't Want You Back)" in order to create the illusion of a feud (see [article id="1485501"]"Eamon's Alleged Old Flame Burns Him With Dis Track"[/article]). "There was a big tryout, and I actually know some of the girls who wanted to do the song, but I never met Frankee in my life," Eamon said. "I think it's corny to death, but it's funny."

New York radio station Z100, which was the first to play "FU Right Back," said it received the track anonymously in the mail and was never told the rivalry was staged.

Eamon says that after Frankee was chosen to sing the track, she and a songwriter penned the lyrics, then sent an MP3 of the finished cut on to Eamon when he was on the road. He loved what he heard and gave them permission to release it to radio. However, he was a bit surprised when Frankee started doing interviews.

"I never knew she was going to say she was my ex-girlfriend," Eamon said, then laughed. "It's the funniest thing because even my aunt called me and said, 'Is this really your ex-girlfriend?' It's all good, though. Every time it gets played, I get paid."

Frankee, who is currently working on her own album, continues to insist that she once dated Eamon. She said the two went out five years ago, when she was 15, and that they were together for about two months. "Sometimes we met at the park, and once or twice he came to my house," she said. "It wasn't that serious."

She said she decided to write the song with a friend after hearing from various people in Staten Island that Eamon wrote "F--- It (I Don't Want You Back)" about her, though she admits she's not absolutely sure the track is, in fact, about her. "After hearing the lyrics, it sounds like it was about me, so that's why I wrote the response," she said. "And even if he wasn't talking about me, I'm answering it back for whoever he is talking about."

Even after all the scuttlebutt, Eamon says he still loves "FU Right Back," though some of his friends are surprised he can remain so good-natured about a song that claims his "sex was wack." But the self-proclaimed ho-wopper said that the disses are what make the track entertaining. "When I hear it on the radio, I laugh hysterically," he said. "It's funny 'cause it's not about me. It's all just fun and jokes."

The success of "FU Right Back" has prompted other female singers from across the country to create their own versions of "F--- It (I Don't Want You Back)." "There's one from this girl in Philadelphia, and I'm getting comebacks in the mail every single day," Eamon said. "I must have really pinched a nerve for all these people to write something about me. I guess that means I've made it. People are writing songs about me."

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