Lana Del Rey Is A Frolicking Giant Who Defends Scorned Lovers In 'Doin Time'

She could put Godzilla in a chokehold without breaking a sweat

The Avengers, who are currently not on assignment after the devastating battle with Thanos in Avengers: Endgame that claimed the life of Tony Stark (oh come on, you've had five months to see the movie–it's not a spoiler anymore) may have to be called back together to deal with Earth's latest threat: a 50-foot tall singer in a motherly dress and string sandals wandering around Los Angeles as if it was a department store. Lana Del Rey must be stopped. Henceforth her new video for "Doin' Time" is a preview of the next wave of dangers that Earth faces from the unexpected, and it's awesome –and scary– all around. What would you do if you looked outside of your window to see Lana frolicking around your city?

Lana wakes up on the ground from a great nap. She stands up and realizes that she's the size of Godzilla, Reptar, the robot from the last ten minutes of every Power Rangers episode, and Bone Crusher in the video for "Never Scared." Instead of panicking, she takes a walk around the city, knocking over trees and drinking water from entire buildings. She uses windows as mirrors. Life as Galactus doesn't seem too bad. While she frolics around downtown Los Angeles, we see that she exists inside of a movie screen. A woman – also Lana Del Rey, but smaller – watches the giantess on screen with her boyfriend and friends at a drive-in theater. All is well until her boyfriend sneaks off to make out with another woman and then the giant on the screen leaves the movie and steps into the real world. Panic and chaos ensue. But the giant Lana isn't interested in anyone else besides this terrible pup–because men are dogs. She shakes the car that the offenders are in like it's a baby's rattle, leaving afterward after she exchanges a smile with the scorned, smaller version of her. Not all giants are bad, it seems.

"Doin Time," Lana's cover of the 1997 single of the same name by the band Sublime, appears on Lana's forthcoming sixth studio album, Norman Fucking Rockwell.  It features the previously released singles, "Mariners Apartment Complex," "Venice Bitch," "Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have – But I Have It," "Fuck It, I Love You," and "The Greatest." She's embarking on a tour in support of the LP in September.

Watch the spectacular video for "Doin Time" up above.

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