Run The Jewels Cause Chaos In Their 'Blockbuster Night Part 1' Video

Killer Mike and El-P: not to the rescue.

Let's hope Killer Mike and El-P stick to rapping.

I'm not just saying that because the two hip-hop vets have time and again displayed their musical potency, including on the recently released Run the Jewels 2, but also because they don't seem particularly suited for at least one other career: EMTs.

The rap duo, known collectively as Run the Jewels, play emergency medical technicians in the visual for their latest, "Blockbuster Night Part 1," and while it looks like they're having a blast, they don't turn out to be the healthcare professionals you'd hope would show up if you were in need.

With Bigga in the driver's seat of an ambulance, the two ride around the streets of Atlanta, encountering all sorts of chaos and handling it not-so-accordingly. There's the poor cat, who's stuck in a tree that proves too much effort to rescue (guess she won't be appearing on Meow the Jewels); the smoke-filled ambulance; the injured dude who gets left on a field; El-P using what looks like it's an anesthetic on himself rather than the patient; and the guy that has a heart attack at a diner where they're seated -- which barely makes them flinch.

Lucky for everyone, there's no reason to think these guys will be trading in their mics for medical suits any time soon.

Run the Jewels 2 is available now.