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Watch Taylor Swift And Jack Antonoff Debate Evil Vs. Smart Pop Music

In a rare '1989' interview, Tay breaks down 'brainless' songs

Taylor Swift is no stranger to the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She's had five songs nab the coveted No. 1 spot, the most recent being "Look What You Made Me Do." But she didn't get to the top alone.

"Look What You Made Me Do," the lead single from her forthcoming Reputation album, was co-written by Jack Antonoff, Swift's partner-in-crime for several songs off her Grammy-winning 1989. When he's not leading his own group Bleachers, Antonoff's sitting in the studio with Swift, Lorde, P!nk, and more of your faves.

In a 2014 interview with MTV News, Antonoff and Swift explained the difference between writing "smart pop" and "evil pop" music. Over three years later, their conversation still strikes a chord.

"The one thing that I've tried to keep intact in this whole thing is, you know, a basis on songwriting," Swift told Antonoff. "I didn't want to make a pop album and all of a sudden place my priority on a bunch of weird sounds that will get stuck in people's heads, but they won't know why they're stuck in their head."

"Evil pop is when you're singing something in your head," Swift continued, "and it's like a 'oh' or a 'ooh' and you don't know why because it's brainless."

Given Swift's meticulous songwriting process, I think it's safe to say that Reputation will be anything but brainless. She chooses her lyrics very carefully, and her music videos contain as much symbolism as the books you discussed in your high-school English class did. I hope you're ready to take notes.