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What Advice Is Rihanna Giving Bella Hadid?

The model reveals she looks up to the ‘kind, giving, generous’ singer

In a new interview with Teen Vogue, Bella Hadid reveals that she turns to everyone's dream big sister, Rihanna, for advice.

“Rihanna is my beauty icon — she’s just so dope. If you look at her, it’s like nothing can break her," the model explains.

But her admiration for the singer/fashion mogul is more than skin deep. "I’ll ask her for advice about things and she’ll have the answers for them. She’s the kind of person that you think, Oh, she’s not real, but she’s kind, giving, generous, and so smart, too. And she just got honored for that incredible award? She hits all the marks.”

Wow, I had no idea Bella Hadid was in Rihanna's group texts. I wonder what she could be asking her? Maybe questions like, "What's the secret to being the living embodiment of fashion itself?"

Or perhaps: "Hey, so, why did you make me wear glue in my hair for your fashion show that one time?"

FENTY PUMA by Rihanna AW16 Collection - Front Row - Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week

The world may never know.