Eminem's 'Crack A Bottle' Video Leaks

Clip mimics Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent's styles without actual cameos.

The three-headed monster is on its way.

The video for [artist id="502642"]Eminem's[/artist] "Crack a Bottle," featuring [artist id="1061"]Dr. Dre[/artist] and [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist], hit the Web late Monday, and although none of the platinum rappers appear in the clip, the song has plenty of references to each star.

The video opens with a homeless woman seated on the ground next to a shopping cart filled with her possessions. The woman experiences a maniacal fit before reaching out for a paper bag that conceals a 40-ounce bottle of liquor. Once the bottle is free from the bag, it splits open to reveal an apartment building and the camera zooms in on room 313 -- which also happens to be Detroit's area code.

Enter Slim Shady. Well, not exactly. But despite the rapper's absence, the scene is straight from the depths of Em's (at times) warped mind. A businessman, gagged and tied to a chair in a dilapidated room, is taunted by a mentally unstable version of himself. Images of an innocent-looking girl and, oddly, an elephant flash onscreen before the man escapes and Em's verse ends.

The camera then pans up to room 213 -- Compton's area code -- which contains an L.A. tattoo parlor. Dre's lyrics sprawl across a beautiful woman's body as she sits in the ink artist's chair. Pit bulls, lots of smoke and other Cali symbols appear on the screen, as well as Shady Records artist Cashis.

As the third verse begins, the camera moves up to the top floor of the set to room 718, which undoubtedly is 50's suite -- the number is a nod to Queens' area code. Fif's room is decidedly flashier than the others to match his club-friendly lyrics. And there are more girls and cash in 50's scene than smoke in Dre's.

When 50's verse ends, the camera pulls all the way back to the woman from the beginning of the video. She reaches for the bottle but finds that it's empty. For good measure, she tosses the bottle, smashing it into pieces.

Back in February, Eminem's manager, [article id="1605807"]Paul Rosenberg, wrote about the clip on his personal site[/article], saying it would be done in two weeks. The video was directed by Syndrome, the production company that also helmed Em's [article id="1610369"]"3 A.M."[/article] "Crack a Bottle" was one of the first Relapse tracks to leak, but it is the third official single, behind "We Made You" and "3 A.M."

When "Crack a Bottle" first premiered, all three artists -- Em, Dre and 50 -- claimed the track, but the song ultimately landed on Em's album. Next up for the trio are the releases of 50's and Dre's long-delayed albums, Before I Self Destruct and Detox, neither of which has a release date as of press time.