This Miley Cyrus Outfit Will Make You Want To Swaddle Yourself In Denim

It's time to stock up on all denim everything—denim on denim is where it's at this fall, according to ya faves. Beyonce introduced us to triple denim on Sunday (Sept. 27), and Miley Cyrus followed her lead two nights later.

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Miley Cyrus

Miley is in New York for her Saturday Night Live hosting gig, and on Tuesday night (Sept. 29), and while it might be hard to tear your eyes away from her smiley face-covered jacket, a step back reveals that underneath is more denim—in jumpsuit form.

While Miley's outfit includes a hell of a lot of denim, she's going to have to add another jean element if she wants to get on Beyonce's level.

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Bey didn't stop at denim on denim—she combined overalls, a chambray shirt, and a denim jacket for the most jean-centric outfit we've ever seen.

If Beyonce and Miley participate in a trend within days of one another, it seems pretttty likely that we'll see it everywhere in upcoming months—time to replace your entire closet with only denim. It's the only way.