The Weeknd Admits He's Actually A Virgin In Self-Deprecating 'American Dad' Appearance

'Tell Your Friends' this song is not

By fighting Adam Sandler and portraying the high-haired 2012 version of himself in Uncut Gems last year, The Weeknd proved his acting chops — at least when it comes to playing characters named, well, The Weeknd. The same could be said for his entire After Hours promotion cycle, in which the artist embodies a toad-licking, tripped-out, borderline demonic Vegas Joker maniac.

But for his latest acting gig (as himself, naturally), Abel Tesfaye had to dig deep and access a side of himself that's completely at odds with everything he's built a career on. He had to play a virgin.

While he once self-applied the label of "that n---a with the hair, popping pills, fucking bitches, living life, so trill," his recent role on Fox's animated staple American Dad punctured this image, having Abel own up to the deepest, darkest secret in a life swirling with them.

"I'm a virgin," he announces via a patented silky croon over a wiggly beat. "Never got close enough / Cell phone blowing up / But I'm waiting for the right person." He also comes clean on having actually never done drugs either, citing fear.

"Inside, I'm a 12-year-old boy," he later admits in an animated sequence portraying him in virginal white suit among the clouds. This, once again, from the man who sang "Often." It's a good bit.

He even co-write the episode, titled "A Starboy Is Born," which aired last night (May 4) on Fox. He'd spent the lead-up sharing images of the show's resident alien, Roger, at the center of various Weeknd album covers.

Abel also told Variety how he'd been wanting to try a new kind of acting role out and how he's a "longtime fan" of American Dad. "I always wanted to play a character that was the opposite of the public's perception of me — and of course make fun of myself. Once I was given the opportunity I took complete advantage," he said. The song itself was co-written by Joel Hurwitz and Electric Guest, along with Abel himself.

Check out "I'm a Virgin" above.

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