Kanye West Calls VMA Show-Closer 'Love Lockdown' His 'Favorite Song 2 Date'

Plus: T-Pain talks to MTV News about his contributions to West's upcoming album.

Kanye West almost literally took his new song "Love Lockdown" from the studio to the stage. In a blog post on his Web site, West said the track, which [article id="1594379"]he performed[/article] at Sunday's [article id="1594379"]VMAs[/article], was the one closest to his heart.

He said he wrote the song "a week and a half ago. It's my favorite song 2 date!! Go where your heart takes you...." Artwork for the song has also surfaced, but West's rep was unable to be reached for confirmation that it's legit.

Reports have swirled that "Love Lockdown" is the lead cut from West's upcoming album, slated for December release. Although Kanye hasn't officially confirmed news of the LP, T-Pain will apparently be involved in some shape or form. The two have been working together a great deal lately.

"It's returning favors," Pain said recently in New York of his multiple collaborations with West. "We keep going back and forth. It's a lot of stuff people don't know that's going on with me and Kanye. We always catch each other in L.A. at these studios, man. He'll call me to his room, I'll do a hook for him. I'll go back down, probably make a couple beats. I'll call him down: 'Yo, do a verse for me real quick.' He'll go back up, he'll make something, call me back up. It's been going like that for a couple of months now."

Although his exact role on Kanye's new album is still unclear, the Louis Vuitton Don will definitely be featured on Pain's upcoming album, Thr33 Ringz (due November 11), on "Therapy."

"It's just about the crazy girls, man," Pain said. "Some girl, you didn't know she was crazy when you first start talking to her. Then all of sudden, she started having mood swings, PMS, all kinds of crazy stuff."

The duo also have a track called "Go Hard," which is a featured cut from DJ Khaled's We Global.

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